Vantage 2.3

Vantage application #: 0.42.0 
Advanced Designer #: 0.38.0 
Platform #: 0.29.0
Technology Core #: 1.47.0, 2.21.0
Vantage Solution #: 0.22.0

Document Skills

  • Data Form Customization
  • Support repeating groups and tables
  • Table Extraction Improvements

Available Document skills

  • New built-in skills
    • Form 990, Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax
    • Curriculum vitae
    • Business cards (for cards from the USA and European Countries)
    • W-4 forms
    • Forms W8 IMY, W8 EXP, W8 ECI, W8 BEN E & W8 BEN
  • Improved the quality of the following skills:
    • Purchase Orders
    • Certificate of Origin
    • Utility bills (including Line Items with charges in simple tables)
  • Invoice Skills were improved:
    • Added fields: Reverse Charges, Invoice Type, Due Date
    • Increased quality after training NN on more documents, including Japanese invoices
    • Default Invoice Document Splitter Skill can now be downloaded from the Marketplace. This skill
      can separate a single PDF file containing a lot of invoices into several different documents.
  • Receipts Skills were improved:
    • New receipt skill with increased quality after training NN on more documents
    • Support for receipts from Japan, Taiwan, China, and Korea in the standalone Receipt CJK skill
  • Identity Document Skill is available on Marketplace with the following improvements:
    • Improved image preprocessing for better extraction and recognition results.
    • Added new fields: Personal Number for personal identification numbers of document holders and MRZ lines for the entire text from the machine readable zone.
    • Names are now extracted in the locale language when they are printed on the document (some names were displayed in Latin letters instead of hieroglyphics before).


  • Quality of English ICR has been improved (by about 2% compared to previous versions). New: German and French.
  • The Handwritten option is enabled by default for document skills and disabled by default for OCR Skill.
  • Users may select several languages for recognition and enable the Handwritten option.
  • Multiline handwritten fields are supported.

OCR Skill

  • Support for Larger Documents (up to 3 000 pages)
  • Support for Export to XML
  • Adding Formatting Information to JSON Output
  • Enabling PDF Output Together with JSON/XML Text Only Export Formats
  • Information about Coordinates in Source and Pre-processed Images
  • Support for HEIC as an Input Format
  • General OCR Technology Improvements

Document Splitter Skill

  • A new type of skill Document Splitter skill lets you split the flow of pages from files containing multiple
    documents into separate documents that are ready for further processing.

Skill Catalog

  • Improved speed of opening skills for editing

Manual Review Workflow

  • Segregating Access to Manual Review Steps
  • Actionable Monitoring of Manual Review Tasks
  • Improved Logic for Returning Stuck Manual Review Tasks Back to the Queue

Manual Review

  • Breaking long field values into several lines the same way like in an original document
  • Sending Manual Review task to another stage or Manual Review Operator

Online Learning

  • Collecting documents from Manual Review without training

Mobile Input

  • Uploading Several Documents to One Transaction


  • Security Log is available for Tenant Administrators
  • Storing Secrets in Key Vaults


  • GUI for Configuring External Identity Providers
  • Displaying Tenant Names and IDs
  • Creating New Vantage Tenants via Public API

Vantage Advanced Designer

  • Importing training documents with labeling
  • Multiple Extraction Rules Activities as One Step
  • Updating a copy of a built-in skil
  • Rotating Images
  • New languages are supported for Advanced Designer NLP activities
  • Fields populated using scripts were empty if documents were not opened in Manual Review
  • Training of a skill with a document set containing documents without page image data would never be terminated
  • After training, the extraction quality for some fields extracted by the Purchase Order EU skill would decrease
  • There were data extraction and extraction training issues with documents of various layouts
  • An incorrect URL for downloading transaction data from the data warehouse was specified in the Public API documentation
  • In Document Skill Editor and Manual Review, the cursor moved to the beginning of the field while the field was still being modified
  • In Document Skill Editor, documents uploaded to the skill document set were listed using their file IDs instead of their file names
  • A Business Unit and Vendor catalog error occurred after updating the core model. DB lookup rules did not find an existing record in the data catalog
  • Some pages of documents were incorrectly auto-rotated when uploaded to a Document skill
  • A file upload error occurred due to a classification failure when processing a document containing more than 300 pages
  • Some Document skills could not be trained or duplicated
  • Sometimes the "Total" field could not be trained using the standard Invoice skill
  • Hidden and deleted fields in a copy of a default document skill affected the training statistics and accuracy
  • Classes removed from a trained Classification Skill remained in the output JSON without the "className" key of the classification result
  • An error occurred when processing Remittance Advise containing 150 pages
  • In Document Skill Editor and Advanced Designer, the vertical scrollbar disappeared when navigating through the pages of a document
  • Fields validated by a Data Catalog Lookup rule were not highlighted
  • A bad text layer was used instead of performing OCR when recognizing PDF documents
  • Document skill training statistics were calculated incorrectly. The accuracy result was 100% even though non-detected table fields were present
  • A "404 Page not found" error occurred when opening a skill in Document Skill Designer right after importing
  • Documents from a demo set were not re-recognized when a new version of a Document skill was published
  • Incorrect country extraction in the Receipt skill
  • In the Script Editor, the variable type could not be re-defined without re-saving the rule and re-publishing the skill
  • When converting a FlexiLayout with a repeating group to a Document Skill, only the first detected instance of the repeating group was returned
  • No fields from the "Acceptable order of components" or the "Dimension field" section were saved in the Document Skill Editor when publishing a skill
  • Large custom data catalogs could not be updated to tenants
  • A Process skill with an external system output ran an output activity for each document instead of running a single one for the whole transaction despite not being in a "For each document" loop
  • The Identity Documents (ID) Skill transformed names written in Chinese on an ID card to their English transliteration
  • Every instance of a repeating group nested in another repeating group contained all nested repeating group instances
  • It was possible to start training the Receipt skill, even though it was not intended to be trainable
  • The Document function description in the advanced script rule was incorrect
  • Manual Review tasks were put back to the queue after 60 minutes of idle timeout
  • The OCR skill blurred the page images of the output PDF/A document
  • It was not possible to set up a field as a group summary: Vantage instead used the first field from the list of fields in a group sorted alphabetically
  • User groups and group permission definitions for using/editing only a particular specified skill have been implemented 
  • Repeating groups have been implemented
  • The ID Skill missed the "Personal number" field
  • Multiline handwritten text was recognized incorrectly
  • Text formatting information was not exported to full text JSON
  • A feature to search for skills on the Try Any Skill page has been implemented
  • An "Unable to Continue the Line Items" error occurred when selecting the "Create Rows From This Line" option
  • There was an incomplete URL in the "How to Process Documents Using the REST API" article in the documentation
  • An error occurred when importing a Process skill that referred to several versions of a  Document/Classification skill
  • A "The passed parameters have invalid value" error occurred when sending a transaction to the Custom Activity for the second time
  • Manual Review did not work properly for documents with errors when the "With rule errors and uncertain fields or unknown" option was enabled in a Process skill
  • A "Max activation count for step exceeded" error occurred when processing PDF documents with a Document skill
  • Users with the Skill Designer role could not change OCR languages in a Document skill
  • A "Managed interop delegate failed" error occurred when deleting line items columns in a copy of a default skill
  • Users with the "Skill User" role lost permissions to a Process skill after re-publishing the skill
  • The "Invoice Type" and "Reversed Charge" fields were not extracted by Invoice skills
  • The lifetime of public API access tokens has been shortened to 24 hours
  • In the Document Skill Editor and the Manual Review windows, the scrollbar in the document image window was too narrow
  • A section describing the creation of new Vantage tenants via Public API has been added to the documentation
  • Tenant name and ID visibility for tenant administrators has been implemented
  • User experience with table columns in the Manual Review application was improved
  • Support for W-4 and W-8 forms has been implemented
  • A warehouse for Business Process Reporting and Quality Analytics intended to provide customers with raw data for the purpose of customer-specific performance and quality reports
  • An internal program error occurred when trying to edit Extraction Rules in Advanced Designer
  • An internal program error occurred in Advanced Designer when specifying a Nearest to Element condition for the Key Value element
  • An internal server error occurred when saving a skill to a local folder in Advanced Designer
  • Technology core updates in Advanced Designer caused Extraction Rules activity mapping to be lost, resulting an internal program error
  • Script rules in Advanced Designer returned file IDs instead of their file names
  • In Advanced Designer, copies of the Invoice skill were not recognized as invoice skills and consumed Core cognitive skill license pages
  • An error occurred when selecting the Chinese Traditional (Big5) character set code page of a character string element in Advanced Designer
  • An internal program error occurred when trying to edit the Extraction Rules activity in Advanced Designer
  • In Advanced Designer, an internal server error occurred in the Extraction Rules activity when entering a comment that was longer than 256 characters
  • In Advanced Designer, variables from the repeating group did not appear in the code editor
  • A "Given DOM is too big. Make sure it is valid and increase the limit (maxParsingLength)" error occurred when creating a skill in Advanced Designer
  • It was not possible to save decompressed JSON skill files from Advanced Designer for version control systems
  • A feature to rotate an image inside the Activity Editor has been implemented in Advanced Designer
  • Extraction Rules can now be stored in JSON format
  • Advanced mode for elements is now supported in Advanced Designer

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