Extracting the maximum amount of text from the document with FineReader Engine


How to extract the maximum amount of text from the document?


There are settings that can be selected in ABBYY FineReader Engine using the LoadPredefinedProfile method of the Engine object. This method receives the profile name as an input parameter. You may try the TextExtraction_Accuracy profile.

It has been optimized for accuracy:

  • Enables detection of all text on an image, including small text areas of low quality (pictures and tables are not detected).
  • Full synthesis of the logical structure of a document is not performed.

Important! The profile is not intended for converting a document into RTF, DOCX, or text-only PDF. Use the document conversion profiles for such purpose.

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    Hoc Nguyen

    As I tried, the DocumentConversion_Accuracy is the most accuracy one.



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