Internal program error: Enterprise\EnterpriseServicesImpl.cpp, 495.


When opening a project from the server the error with the following message appears:

Internal program error: Enterprise\EnterpriseServicesImpl.cpp, 495. 


It may be caused by the missing linked project (for example Test Copy Project) in the database. 


In the FlexiCapture database check the table dbo.Project for missing linkedGUID project.

Usually, the Test Copy project is linked to the original project in the database via linkedGUID value as on the screenshot below:


If column linkedGUID is filled but Test Copy project with such GUID is not present in the database the error will occur in an attempt to open the main project.

In order to fix this the linkedGUID value should be set to NULL: 


The behavior is fixed since the FlexiCapture 12 Release 3 Update 5. 

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