Vendor search with less than 3 characters does not work


When you search a vendor with 1 or 2 symbols the search will not start.



For the FlexiCapture 12 versions before Release 4, the restriction of at least 3 characters in the lookup search is mandatory for the product's performance and resource consumption.


For the FlexiCapture 12 versions before Release 4

Need to add a white-space (e.g. "10 ", "12 ") at the end of the lookup string in the search bar - then the lookup should show even 2-character values in the list.

  • Click on the search button
  • Type in 2 symbols 
  • Add a space
  • Find the desired information

Note: the workaround is not about dataset values, it is about the strings users type into the lookup search bar.


For FlexiCapture 12 Release 4

Please refer to the following article: Is it possible to search for a value in a Database Check Rule with less than 3 characters?


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