FineReader PDF 15 for Mac Release 3

Release Date: 29.12.2021 

Part number: 1402/8, 1420/6, 1428/3, 1418/7 

Product Version: 15.2.0 

Build number: 486248, 486249, 486250, 486284 

  • Straighten curved text tool in built-in Image Editor. 
  • Yearly subscription plan is available to purchase in App Store. 
  • An updated add a review dialogue for the app available in App Store. 
  • Processing status wasn’t set correctly for empty pages of a document. 
  • When changing the document language, it didn’t apply to the first page of the document. 
  • “Reset to defaults” button wasn’t available in Preferences menu. 
  • Crop tool might not display the cropping frame. 
  • Under macOS 12 Monterey, a black stripe might appear in the document preview. 
  • An error when closing an OCR project with the scanning window still open. 
  • A warning about too many OCR languages selected was repeated for every page of the document. 
  • Crushes when changing import location from iPhone to scanner. 
  • Other program errors. 

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