White screen on trying to log in to Vantage


White screen on trying to log in to Vantage.


It could be caused by the incorrect link being used or because of the browser cache and cookies.


Make sure that the correct Vantage website is in use:

In other cases try the Incognito mode to log in. If it is successful, the browser cookies should be cleaned. To do so in Google Chrome follow the next steps:

  1. Open Chrome and type “chrome://settings/sitedata” in the search bar. This will open the All cookies and site data page.
    Alternatively, click the three-dot menu to open Settings. Here, navigate to Privacy and security > Site Settings > Cookies & Site Data > See all cookies and site data:

  2. In the Search Cookies box at the top right, type the domain name for which it is required to delete the data, e.g. Vantage:

  3. Click the Delete button to remove all the browsing data for the particular site, including cache and cookies. By clicking the arrow icon, it is possible to see all the locally stored data for the website.
  4. Restart the browser.

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