How to open the document with FineReader in the desired display view?


How to open the document in FineReader with the desired display view: Actual Size, Fit to Width, Best Fit?



The page is opened in PDF-Editor with the desired display view option if previously the other document in the PDF-Editor has been opened with the same view page option.


Run FineReader, open the document and choose the document displayed mode:


Next time the document is opened in the last chosen display mode.

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    Mike Ludeman

    Is there a way to set properties so that you can open the edited PDF file with the bookmark panel displayed rather than the "Image and text panes".  That would be an option like "Image and bookmarks".  I find my clients want to see the bookmarks for navigation rather than the panes?  At the present, I have to move to another PDF editor for this one operation. Thanks for suggestions if I am overlooking something.

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    Anna Piatnytska

    Hi Mike, 

    When you open a PDF document in FineReader PDF Editor, the program allows you to switch to the bookmark view instead of the page view by clicking the corresponding button. 

    Note: The program does not save the last chosen mode. I have forwarded your suggestion to our Research and Development department. Please follow the FineReader PDF 16 Release notes to stay informed about new program updates.

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    Mike Ludeman


    Thank you.  I apparently stated my question incorrectly. 

    What I was intending to say is:

    "How do I set the properties in the file when using ABBYY V15 so that when the end user opens the saved file, it opens automatically in the "View page and bookmarks" view when he opens the new PDF in the PDF reader of his choice?"


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