What type of Support Requests are covered by ABBYY Customer Support and which ones are not?

ABBYY Customer Support provides you with answers and assistance for any question you may have relating to your standard Supported ABBYY product, service, or product documentation.

ABBYY software support and maintenance services do not cover the following situations:

  1. Any modifications made to the Supported Product (whether by the Customer, third parties, or by ABBYY as part of ABBYY Professional Services);
  2. Applications developed by Customer or other third parties’ products;
  3. Onsite support services (the Services are provided remotely);
  4. Systems engineering services, programming, or operations procedures of any sort;
  5. The use, interconnection, or integration of the Supported Product with an operating system or any software or hardware or networking systems not specified as compatible by ABBYY (requirements are published on the ABBYY website at support.abbyy.com);
  6. Use of the Supported Product in a manner for which it was not designed, including in breach of the applicable Agreement for the Supported Product;
  7. Problems that cannot be reproduced by ABBYY based on information provided by Customer;
  8. Problems that cannot be remedied due to the operational characteristics of the computer equipment used by Customer;
  9. Consulting regarding or work to ensure that the Supported Product is compatible with application servers, platforms, network configurations, customizations (unless additional Services for customized versions are purchased), web browsers, databases other than those with which the Supported Product is then currently developed to work, or versions of any of the foregoing;
  10. Database performance tuning and general administration;
  11. Customer-specific application usage assistance;
  12. Hardware maintenance; 
  13. Assistance or support for errors, deficiencies, or malfunctions related to a Project.

For additional information check ABBYY Support and Maintenance Terms.

If you do need assistance for any of the services that are not covered by ABBYY Customer Support (excluding hardware issues and use of the Supported Product in a manner of breach of the applicable Agreement), then please contact ABBYY Professional Services Team by filling out the webform or contact your account manager to discuss details.


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