The time-limited license expired even though it was prolonged (local installation)


The time-limited license expired even though it was prolonged. How to renew the license? 


If something was changed in the license parameters (for example, expiration date) by our specialist, the license should be deleted and activated one more time. 


In order to resolve the issue, please follow the steps below:

  1. Open ABBYY FineReader PDF <version>, go to Help About License Info.
  2. Delete the license from the program by clicking the Remove button. 

    3. ​Close the program and all its components (Hot Folder, Screenshot Reader). 
    4. Type in the Windows search Services and open it.

    5. Find the ABBYY FineReader <version> Licensing Service in the list of services and right-click it. Press the Restart button. 

    6. ​Open FineReader PDF and activate it anew with the serial number.

Note: This instruction corresponds to a locally installed FineReader software.

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