Removing confidential information from the PDF document


How to remove confidential information from the PDF file using FineReader PDF 15?


With FineReader PDF 15, you can remove confidential information from recognized texts:

  1. Click Tools > Redaction Mode or click the  button on the main toolbar at the top of the Text pane.
  2. In the Text pane, use the marker to black out the text you wish to obliterate.
    Tip. If you black out some characters by mistake, you can undo the last redaction by pressing Ctrl+Z on the keyboard or by clicking the Undo button on the main toolbar.
  3. Save your document.

The redacted text will appear as dots in the output document. If the saving format you selected supports text and background colors, the redacted text fragments will appear as black rectangles.

To switch off the redaction mode, either:

  • Click the Tools > Redaction Mode once again, or
  • Click the  button on the main toolbar once again.

Additional information

You may also refer to the following article: How to protect and redact in PDF file.  

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