Export with a sample workflow for WinActor connector fails


Export with a sample workflow for WinActor connector fails with the following error:

Failed to handle exported files for the document '1' from the batch 'BatchName'. Failed to handle exported file 'ExportFile'. Failed to download exported file 'ExportFile' from document '1' of batch 'BatchName'. Part of the path 'PathToExportFile' was not found.


Settings of the project, WinActor workflow, or access rights to the output folder are not correct.


  1. Make sure to specify the Input folder and the Output folder as separate folders.
  2. Make sure to give the required access rights for the Input and the Output folder. For troubleshooting, I would suggest giving the full access rights to the Everyone group and see if it would help.
  3. The project should be configured according to the steps provided in the user guide for WinActor connector. Please check the user guide for the exact settings. Make sure to leave the Path to data folder field empty in your Export profile.

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