Why could there be a gap in Batch ID sequence?


It seems FlexiCapture is missing some batches in my tenant:


What can be the reason for that? Event logs give empty results while I try to search any records related to missing Batch IDs


There are three most common reasons for batch IDs skipped in the batches list.

  1. If there are other active tenants on the same ABBYY FlexiCapture 12 Server, it could be the reason why there are gaps in the Batch ID sequence, since tenants share the same sequence rather than each of them having a separate one. The batches with missing IDs belong to different tenants.
  2. If there is Field Extraction Training enabled in the projects on server, when new Training Batch is created it is supplied with Batch ID following in the same sequence as Working batches. Yet, Training batches are not reflected in Batches list in Administration and Monitoring Console, and the gap in the sequence will occur.
  3. The batches are deleted. It could be manually or as a result of automatic cleanup of processed batches after specified timeout elapsed (14 days by default). When the batch is deleted from server, its processing information records will be also deleted from FlexiCapture Event log in Administration and Monitoring Console.

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