Is it possible to run different REST API applications bound to the same FlexiCapture tenant and project?


Is it possible to have and use several applications bound to the same FlexiCapture tenant and project in the REST API portal?


Yes, it is possible. However, in this scenario specify one and the same tenant user in the applications settings. Otherwise, applications will conflict with each other, and the processing will fail.

What happens is:

  • In the client's REST API portal account, there is an application that​ processes documents in the background and which, for example, has TenantUser1 specified in the settings.
  • When a document is being processed a session is created for this project and user. The session time is pretty long and lasts for several hours. If documents are being processed throughout the whole business day, the session gets prolonged each time.
  • Trying to process a document with another app bound to this project, but with a different tenant user (i.e. TenantUser2), it will not let do it and the processing will fail, because of the active session for TenantUser1.
  • While processing documents with the application bound to the same project and the same tenant account (TenantUser1), there should be no errors, because they will use the same session.

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