How to explicitly pre-define vendor to be matched on an invoice?


Is it possible to tell FlexiCapture to match some particular vendor if I know it in advance?


The vendor or the business unit of the invoice's company can be determined in advance, i.e. based on the invoice's source (name of the Scanning Operator or the e-mail address of the message's sender).

It is possible to specify the vendor and/or the business unit explicitly prior to automatic detection.

To do so, set the value of the document's registration parameter fc_Predefined:InvoicePredefinedVendorId or fc_Predefined:InvoicePredefinedBusinessUnitId to the identifier (Id) of an entry in the Vendors or BusinessUnits data set. It can be done, for example, in the script stage (Automatic > Document processing type) of the Advanced Workflow before the Recognition stage.

Doing this does not prevent automatic detection of the vendor and/or the business unit from taking place. Thanks to this, in addition to the pre-determined vendor and/or business unit, it is possible to get a confidence value (this value indicates how well the pre-determined values match values extracted from the image), as well as the regions of fields from the Vendor and/or Business Unit field groups.

Additional information

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Help: IProperties object (available for IDocument object)

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