Is there a way to make the text layer of PDF file visible?


Is there a way to make the text layer of PDF file visible?


To see the text layer of the PDF searchable document in PDF Editor do the following:

1. Disable the Background recognition: Tools > Option > Tab Image Processing and disable background recognition option:

2. Open the document in the PDF Editor and ​click the Edit button on the toolbar. Wait until the page is processed.

You can also recognize, verify the text layer and save the document in the desired format using OCR Editor:

1. Run FineReader PDF 15.

2. Make sure that the correct recognition languages are selected: Tools > Options > Languages.

3. Open the document in OCR-Editor: Run ABBYY FineReader PDF 15 and select Open in OCR Editor and choose the document for opening. 

4. Wait until the recognition process is finished.

5. The recognized text will be displayed in the Text pane.
The low-confident characters are highlighted in the text pane. It is also possible to verify the text in the OCR Editor.

In the Verification dialog box, you can review low-confidence words, correct spelling errors, and add new words to the user dictionary. To switch on the verification please click the button Verify​ on the Main Toolbar.

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