How to install FineReader Engine 12 with silent command line


How to install FineReader Engine 12 Runtime with standard activation license using silent command line



The most common silent installation command would be:

installRnt64.exe /quiet INSTALLDIR="C:\MyFolder" RegisterCOM=Yes LICENSESRV=Yes WIBUDR=No


INSTALLDIR = where Engine will install its library in this folder

RegisterCOM = where Engine will try to register COM wrappers

LICENSESRV = where Engine will install the Licensing Service so it can communicate between the application and the License Manager that hold the activated license

WIBUDR = where most customers are using software license so there is no need to install the code meter runtime (but in case you are using hardware license then set this value to Yes)


Note: This is Runtime installation so Help files and Sample Code projects will not be installed by default.


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