What is recommended image quality for Vantage?


What is recommended image quality for processing using ABBYY Vantage?


The recognition quality is affected by the resolution at which documents are scanned. Low resolutions may adversely affect the recognition quality.

We recommend using the grayscale mode and a resolution of 300 dpi for all documents that were produced by a printer.

Vertical and horizontal resolutions must be the same.

Setting the resolution too high (over 600 dpi) increases the recognition time. Increasing the resolution does not yield substantially improved recognition results. Setting an extremely low resolution (less than 150 dpi) adversely affects recognition quality.

Recommendations for choosing the resolution depending on the font size:

  • 300 dpi – for typical texts (printed in fonts of size 10pt or larger)
  • 400–600 dpi – for texts printed in smaller fonts (9pt or smaller), images including CJK text, and images with barcodes.

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