How to export a MS Word document with the highlighted low-confidence characters


There are some low-confidence characters highlighted in blue in the Text pane of the OCR Editor. How to have those exported in a MS Word document as highlighted?


To export a document with the highlighted low-confidence characters, please follow the steps below:

  1. In FineReader PDF 15, go to Tools > Options... > Format Settings > DOC(X)/RTF/ODT.
  2. Activate the Highlight low-confidence characters option > click OK.

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    Klara Rihakova

    Dear Sir or Madam, 

    I am writing regarding some issues with highlighting uncertainly recognized or low-confidence characters.

    When opened as MS Word document, the low-confidence charachters are coloured, however, the colour is part of a style (as shading), not a highlight (as the FineReader 14 did). Therefore, the coloured characters are removed when I formate the text using macros (or "clear formatting") in MS Word.  I would like to ask if there is a way to set up FineReader 15 to export the low-confidence characters as highlight, and not a shading? 

    Thank you for your response in advance!


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