Online License doesn't work with specified proxy server


  1. The Network Server logs could contain the following errors:
    Online licensing error: <...>, 0x0000 0x0003 0x0006
    Online licensing error: <...>, 0x0000 0x0003 0x0023
  2. Checking the availability of a licensing service and/or "" through curl with proxy returns the response status code 5xx, instead of 200
    curl -v -x <[:port]>
  3. When performing the last step from the article Failed to communicate with the online licensing service due to missing Trusted Root CA:
    certutil -verify -urlfetch license-cloud.cer
    returns the following result:
  4. Setting the IsNoRevoke="Yes" (if it's implemented for FineReader Engine 12 build, currently being in use) in the LicensingSettings.xml file, didn't have an impact on the situation.


The licensing server wasn't configured for using specified proxy and/or services for the functioning of online licenses are inaccessible through proxy.


  1. Configure both LicensingSettings.xml, which should be located at
    • for a 32-bit operating system:
      • %CommonProgramFiles%\ABBYY\SDK\12\Licensing\
      • <Installation Folder>\Bin\
    • for a 64-bit operating system:
      • %CommonProgramFiles(x86)%\ABBYY\SDK\12\Licensing\
      • <Installation Folder>\Bin64\ (if available)
      • <Installation Folder>\Bin\ (if available)
        Here is a sample with the proxy server settings for Online Licensing:
          <OnlineLicensing Timeout="timeout_time" ProxyServer="http://<server_name>:<port_number>" ProxyAuth="<login>:<password>" />
          <ConnectionProtocol ProtocolType="<Protocol type>" />
         You can read more details on the LicensingSettings.xml file's settings in FineReader Engine 12 Developer's Guide.

  2. Add the following subdomains to the whitelist for the proxy server:
    • *
    • *

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