FineReader PDF 15 for Mac Release 3 Update 2

Release Date:  25.02.2022

Part #: 1402/9, 1420/7, 1428/4

Product Version: 15.2.2

Build #: 516931 (Retail), 520674 (Corporate Trial), 520693 (SLE)

New Image Editor tools features and other improvements:

  • Brightness & Contrast tool allows users to automatically adjust brightness and contrast of the document, change background to white.
  • Photo correction tool helps to remove motion blur and ISO noise.
  • Eraser tools allows to remove a fragment from the page image with an auto-color, black or white background applied.

List of bugs fixed:

  • Program crashes might happen when adding a PDF or a document image to OCR Editor.
  • Saving an OCR project didn’t change its status.
  • Program freezes when launched under a user that doesn’t have subscription after switching from another user who has it.
  • Other program errors. 

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