Cannot change the Field caption Name


I am changing the Caption Name for the field, but the change does not reflect on the Data Form


The localization file is incorrect.


  • Open the document definition.
  • Select the field the label of which you want to rename. It will be highlighted in Data form.​
  • Select the label of the field, press right mouse button and select properties.
  • In the dialog box switch to Format tab and in Text field type the new name. Then press OK. The label is changed.

  • To change the recognition data form field names the localization options have to be changed.
    To perform that go to Document Definition > Localization > Localization options...
  • In the opened dialog box select your Localizable language (check its status, it should be Localized), press Export... button and save it locally on your machine. Important: name of the file must be the same as localization (e.g. English (English).txt)
  • In the exported file the name of the field can be changed according to its parameter in section 
    // Shell messages // Label text and button names in the data form at the end of the file.
    For example: VATID_3 can be changed from VATID to Vendor VATID
    VATID_3 ,"VATID" // "VATID"  -> VATID_3 ,"Vendor VATID" // "Vendor VATID"
  • ​​Save file
  • Go to Localization Options, press Import... and select edited file 
  • Save the document definition and publish it
  • Re-recognize the document

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