FineReader Server update from release 1


How to update the FineReader Server 14 from release 1 (build to the latest available?


You can download the latest release by this link: FineReader Server 14
Since you are updating from release 1 it's recommended to uninstall the FineReader Server and install the new build afterward.

  1. For safety, save your configuration file in the FineReader Server options (or from the folder: C:\ProgramData\ABBYY FineReader Server 14.0): 

  2. ​Uninstall the FineReader Server

  3. Download and install the latest build

  4. The configuration should be saved automatically

  5. If not, import the previously saved configuration file in step 1.

Please note that in the case of distributed installation, all components of the FineReader Server should be updated accordingly.

Future releases can be updated automatically without uninstalling the previous build.

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