How to identify what documents are part of a document set in the batch processing script?


We need to get the information which documents in the batch belong to a particular document set. How to achieve this?


Below is a sample batch processing script:

for (int i = 0; i < Documents.Count; i++)

    IBatchItem documentSet = Documents[i].AsBatchItem;

    if (documentSet.ChildItems.Count > 0)
    Processing.ReportMessage("Items count: " + documentSet.ChildItems.Count.ToString());
        for(int j = 0; j < documentSet.ChildItems.Count; j++)
            IBatchItem child = documentSet.ChildItems[j];
            if(child.Type == TBatchItemType.BIT_Document)
                IDocument document = child.AsDocument;
                Processing.ReportMessage("Child ID: " + document.Id.ToString());


For example, if there is one set with 4 documents in the batch:

It will return the following:

IDs are the same that can be seen in the document properties:



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