Processed Batches keep getting exported if you use FC Connect


- During clean up the export folder path, batches that are already in the processed stage keep getting exported over and over if you use FC Connect until you delete the processed batch from the Verification Station


It is correct and expected behavior that FC Connect will re-export the batches folder and data as long as the Working Batches still have all the batches with the Processed status.


As this is an expected behaviour but you still want to stop it from being exported over and over again after deleting, we have a workaround:


1) First workaround

1. Set the “delete processed batches after” setting down to 1. Once the processed batches are deleted, they stop exporting. Please refer to project properties (Project Setup Station > Project > Properties) to adjust settings like on the screenshots below:

Please note that if your FlexiCapture project contains Batch Types then the option above should be set for each Batch Type. Please find more information in the article:
2. Use web API to create a small sample to delete the batches that have Processed status.
To use web API take a look at the sample of unattended processing:

Take a look at this example to connect FlexiCapture and get the session and project, and write additional API to look through the project to find batches that are listed as a Processed stage, then delete batches.


2) Second workaround: (Useful when you have set Laserfiche Import Agent to import the image and captured data files into Laserfiche )

1. Delete the documents, but leave the folder structure for the exported batch, FC thinks that it is still there and doesn't try to export it again.

Note: Import Agent can only execute whenever a new file is put into the export folder. If you move the documents out of the export folder after being imported into Laserfiche, then for an hour FC Connect will continue to export the processed batch and it will continue to be imported into Laserfiche, causing a loop of multiple duplicate files being imported until Flexicapture deletes the processed batch

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