Processed batches keep getting exported if FlexiCapture Connect is used.


After the clean-up of the export folder path, batches that are already in the processed stage keep getting exported over and over if FlexiCapture Connect is used until the processed batch is completely deleted.


It is expected behavior that FlexiCapture Connect re-exports the batches that are in the Processed status.


This is an expected behavior. The workaround to stop the batches from being exported over and over again after the export folder clean-up is to automate the processed batch deletion. It can be achieved in two ways:

  1. In the Project Setup Station > Project > Project Properties > Export tab, set the Delete processed batches after option to 1 hour. Once the processed batches are deleted, they stop exporting:

    If custom batch types are used, then the option above should be set for each custom batch type.

  2. Use Web Services API to create an application to delete the batches that have Processed status if more flexibility and control over the deletion process is required.

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