Service field is empty when trying to pass it a value from registration parameters


The "Source" for the service field is "Batch registration parameter", the "Parameter Name" is the registration parameter name.



The main reasons for this issue are:

  • incorrect registration parameter name
  • the empty registration parameter value


The names for the registration parameters are case sensitive, so if we refer to them we need to use the exact name. 

fc_predefined:EmailDate - will return en empty string.

fc_Predefined:EmailDate - will return the stored predefined value if we use email import.

There is a list of predefined registration parameters are described in the "Registration parameters" article linked in "Additional information".

Registration parameters may or may not have a defined value. For example, if we import the email but the subject is empty ("No subject"), the corresponding registration parameter will be empty as well.

To verify if the registration parameters of the batch or document exist or have a value they can always be checked in properties on the Registration Parameters tab.


Additional information

Registration parameters

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