We have changed password and after some time it don`t work


We changed the password logon on the webpage but after 5 hours we tried using the same password and did not work.


Maybe you are trying to log in as a user, which is used for FC Connect Synchronization.


After the password has been reset, the connector continues to try to log in with the old credentials.
Therefore, the account got blocked for 30 minutes after the 3rd failed log-in attempt.
Please set the right credentials for the FC Connect.
You can change the password for the FC Connect in the config.json file.
Before changing this file, be sure to create a backup copy of the config.json file.
It is located in C:\Program Files (x86)\ABBYY FlexiCapture Connect\config.json.
Modify the password in the config.json file, wait for 30 minutes, until the account will be unblocked
and try to log in.

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