How Fast Learning works in ABBYY Vantage Advanced Designer?


What is the purpose of Fast Learning activity in ABBYY Vantage Advanced Designer?

Is Fast Learning like training the fields by annotation, or is it something else?


ABBYY Vantage Advanced Designer purpose is to create Document Skills, and it should provide all the same functionality as Vantage web UI but in more controllable form. Fast Learning activity is providing training capability. It uses the same mechanism as in Vantage in general.

The activity allows to specify which fields in the Document Skill should be trained and which should not.

For example, there is a complex table which is hard to train and it is required to use custom rules for its extraction. Also there is a set of other fields which are rather varying in position and it is supposed that the full set of samples with all possible variants is not available at the point of the Document Skill development. So, the most appropriate approach for such case would be to use Extraction Rules activity for the table extraction and lock the training of the table to avoid spoiling the detection, and to enable training for the set of varying fields to be able to keep the Document Skill up to date once new documents variants will appear.

In Advanced Designer, it would look like below:

  • Training is disabled for the field "New Field" by Fast Learning activity settings:

  • Extraction Rules activity  is used to extract the field "New Field", but not "New Field 2" and "New Field 3" as they should be trained as per Fast Learning activity capabilities:



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