How to restore FlexiCapture backup via PowerShell


I have made a backup using the following Guide:

Could you please let us know the PowerShell script command for restoring?


The example provided in the Guide uses the Windows wbadmin command to back up the file storage. The same command allows you to restore the system.

The following parameters could be useful:

wbadmin get versions Lists details of backups recoverable from the local computer or, if another location is specified, from another computer.
wbadmin start recovery Runs a recovery of the volumes, applications, files, or folders specified.


wbadmin get versions -backupTarget:E:​
wbadmin start recovery -version:05/31/2016-17:12 -itemType:Volume -items:\\?\
Volume{a6f2e427-0000-0000-0000-501f00000000}\ -BackupTarget:D: -RecoveryTarget:E:

​The -items parameter is responsible for the volumes/folders to recover.

Specifies a comma-delimited list of volumes, apps, files, or folders to recover. You must use this parameter with the -itemtype parameter.

If the -itemtype is Volume, you can specify only a single volume, by providing the volume drive letter, volume mount point, or GUID-based volume name.

If you are using GUID volume name, you can try not to encode it:

wbadmin start recovery -version:05/31/2016-17:12 -itemType:Volume -items:cc566d14-44a0-11d9-9d93-806e6f6e6963

or specify the drive letter:

wbadmin start recovery -version:03/31/2020-09:00 -itemType:Volume -items:d:

or folder to be restored:

If the -itemtype is File, you can specify files or folders, but they should be part of the same volume and they should be under the same parent folder.

wbadmin start recovery -version:05/31/2016-17:12 -itemType:File -items:d:\folder



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