How to setup annex pages in ABBYY Vantage?


By default, the extraction works on the whole document. In the case of invoices, there are additional annex pages that may affect the extraction results. Is it possible to mark pages as annexes in Vantage?


Document processing in Vantage is performed on per-document basis contrary to FlexiCapture where the document processing can be performed at per-page basis.

If it is required to set up fields extraction at only specific pages and leave some pages not for extraction, e.g. as annex pages, it is required to train the fields extraction at specific pages only and leave other pages non marked-up.

There are no such concept as annex pages in Vantage and no special settings to specify some pages as annexes.

Additional Information.

Is it possible to use classifier to differentiate annex pages from invoice pages in Vantage?

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