The benefits of ABBYY Help Center Web Form over e-mail

Dear ABBYY Customer,

Providing you, our customers, with the help you need and in the time you expect is the priority for us at ABBYY Customer Support. The severity your ticket receives is a critical indicator for us to prioritize it.

Throughout the years of receiving tickets via e-mail we have found that determining the accurate severity from the message is often difficult as there might be information missing and in some cases the criticality was unclear. So, we asked ourselves how we can better understand the actual severity and collect all necessary information to work on your ticket straight away without or with minimal need to follow up.

The answer to that question is the ABBYY Help Center Web Form.

Why Web Form is the better option

The Web Form is part of the ABBYY Help Center and it guides you through several questions which results in Customer Support receiving all relevant details. Based on your answers you can convey to us the impact of the issue on your business, if it’s a production or non-production issue, and based on your answers the system calculates the severity of the ticket.

Before the ticket is submitted via the Web Form our knowledge base system will suggest relevant articles that may help resolve, answer or work around your reported issue straight away. If not, then all you do is submit the ticket and our Customer Support Team will respond to you within our first response service level agreement.

Another benefit of being registered on our Help Center is the ability for you to see all of your tickets, or those of your organization, in one place. It gives you visibility and control as you see the severity of your tickets, all the messages that have been exchanged, as well as the current status. If any of these should be incorrect you can contact us immediately and we can fix it.

When are we making this change?

The Web Form will become the primary way for customers to submit all support requests on April 4th, 2022.

How can tickets be submitted?

Your support request can be submitted in two simple steps:

  1. Open our Web Form on the ABBYY Help Center at
  2. Fill out all the required fields and submit

Please note: If you have not registered for our ABBYY Help Center you will be asked to do so.

Tell me more

We prepared the following knowledge base documents describing the ABBYY Help Center:

ABBYY Customer Support Handbook: registering and submitting a support request
ABBYY Customer Support Handbook: editing Help Center profile and changing password 
ABBYY Customer Support Handbook: updating and closing a support request 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to let us know:


Your ABBYY Customer Support Team

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