How to crop an image in Mobile Web Capture


How can image crop be performed in Mobile Web Capture ?



In the basic processing scenario, Mobile Web Capture would automatically crop the documents captured from the camera stream. This behavior can be controlled with the help of the enableAutoCrop property of the IWebCapture interface.

Additionally, the manual cropping screen can be started from the document editor screen for manual document boundary editing, if needed. The manual cropping scenario can also be started by setting the mode property of the IWebCapture interface to SingleCrop (see the description of CaptureMode enumeration for more details).

Finally, the IImagingCoreApi interface provides the cropImage method that allows to perform image crop on a single image by specifying the cropping quadrangle. The cropping quadrangle should be passed in the following format, where the vertices are ordered clockwise from the bottom left one:

[{x:x_bottomLeft, y:y_bottomLeft}, {x:x_topLeft, y:y_topLeft}, {x:x_topRight, y:y_topRight}, {x:x_bottomRight, y:y_bottomRight}]

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