How many documents per supplier do we need to start off the training?


What is the recommended amount of documents per supplier to train a Document Skill in Vantage?


In regular case, the training should work with 1-3 documents already. In specific cases (e.g. layout variations within one supplier) a few tens might be required. Please keep in mind that the trained documents should be representative, which means they should reflect the incoming document flow in the processing runtime. In other words, if the document layout from a particular vendor is different from what is trained, Vantage will not adjust itself automatically (additional training will be required). Another point to keep in mind is that if the automatic training has not succeeded with up to 50 trained representative documents (very generic number), most likely it will also not be successful with further documents, no matter how many you add. In this case, Advanced Designer can be used to handle exceptional cases.

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