Training the capture of Amount fields for invoice recognition

Usually, field regions are detected using a Generic FlexiLayout.

Field training creates a FlexiLayout variant containing information about vendor-specific changes made to field regions.

When matching a Document Definition, fields with regions that have been modified during training are copied over from the FlexiLayout variant.

Additionally, Total fields and Amount field groups have a property indicating the level of confidence with which their respective regions have been detected. Fields with a level of confidence lower than a certain threshold value will require verification.

When training the capture of Total and Amount fields on invoices, the following questions may arise:

  • I’m not satisfied with the quality of capture of Amount fields. Can I do some additional training for these fields?

Amount fields can be additionally trained just like any other fields. However, note the following limitation on the use of the training results in the case of Amount fields:

If the regions of the Total fields and Amount field groups are not detected or are detected with low confidence when matching the Generic FlexiLayout, values for these fields are copied over from the FlexiLayout variant.

The [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ABBYY\FlexiCapture\12.0\DAForms\]”UseTrainedInvoiceAmounts” registry key is used to set a priority for the FlexiLayout used as follows:




Field group

Generic FlexiLayout

FlexiLayout variant

Generic FlexiLayout

FlexiLayout variant


Business Unit, BU

Used if matched

Used if matched (only when the Generic FlexiLayout could not be matched)

Used if matched (only when the FlexiLayout variant could not be matched)

Used if matched




Used if matched with sufficient confidence

Used if matched (only when the Generic FlexiLayout could not be matched with sufficient confidence)

Not used

Used if matched

Information about a field region’s corresponding source FlexiLayout is stored in the document’s recognition log.

  • Why all these complications?

In the case of regions, detection confidence is a complex parameter determined by lots of factors (such as the confidence with which individual characters have been recognized, whether field restrictions have been met, etc.). Things are much simpler with ordinary fields.

  • Can I train the capture of Amount fields in ABBYY FlexiCapture Cloud?

Users of ABBYY FlexiCapture Cloud cannot modify registry keys. You can train field capture, but the built-in algorithms will have the final say over how the trained FlexiLayout variants should be applied.

Additional information

Field Extraction Training for Total Amount field is not working

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