Batches are not processing in scanning stage


All the batches that there are imported in the batch list are kept in the stage “Scanning” and never advance in the workflow. The ABBYY services are running:


Possible reasons of this issue:

  1. Applications services are not runing;
  2. Processing station wasn`t added.


In order to solve this issue, please:

  1. Open Processing Server Monitor tool from Start menu > ABBYY FlexiCapture Servers folder. Then if you don't have servers added yet, press add server and actually add the server (by default location is machine name or localhost).mceclip5.png
  2. Then expand the server and check stations, if you don't have stations in the list add them in a similar way as a server. mceclip6.png
  3. Click on the "plus sign" and add the Processing station.

    Once the station will be added, all documents stuck at the scanning stage will be processed.

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    Patom Pipatchaisiri

    There have been several batches that stay in 'scanning' stage for too long (longer than normal time). They couldn't make any progress (0%) for 48 hours.  After killed those forever scanning batches in Processing server Monitor, those killed batches came back to re-process (scanning) and finish with in a few mins. 

    The document (1 .pdf with grey scale; 300 dpi;) was the same before hung scanning stage and the second time it went into re-process.  

    The issue seem to have the similar symptom but this forever scanning case, it had to kill those hung scanning items instead of re-add processing station.

    Any report on the similar case? 



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