FineReader PDF 15 for Mac Release 3 Update 3

Release Date:  27.04.2022 

Part #: 1402/10, 1418/10, 1420/8, 1428/5 

Product Version: 15.2.3 

Build #: 570530, 570531, 570532, 570533 

New Image Editor tools features and other improvements: 

  • Correct Perspective tool to straighten document images taken by camera. 
  • Split Pages tool to split images of double pages of books or magazines manually. 
  • Automatic splitting of double pages deactivated by default in the Preprocessing settings.  
  • New UI language: Spanish. 

List of bugs fixed:  

  • Crop tool frame might not be created under certain conditions. 
  • When previously saved OCR project is closed with cancelling the most recent changes, the software hangs. 
  • The product might crash when closed while adding pages operation is still in progress. 
  • When quick conversion to Image-Only PDF or Image formats is used, the software does unnecessary recognition. 
  • Other program errors. 

Known limitations: 

  • The software may crash when clicking on any page after applying Split pages frame in the minimal size. 
  • The software can't revert changes when closing previously saved OCR project. 

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