FineReader Server 14 installation via Command Line is not installed on the required server


We uninstalled the software on a test machine and ran the same command which we used on the first installation:

 install.exe /RemoteAdminConsole=True /ServerLocation=LVAS001 /passive

but this time the application asked for license activation and set the server location to local.

Did the previous installation of the application cause this setting on the Command Line install to miss or break? Is there something that needs to be changed in order to use the /ServerLocation command in this scenario?


This behavior is expected because during installation license activation is not performed.
A possible reason before the server works after installation is that you have an old configuration file from the previous installation.
Command Line uninstallation removes completely all FineReader Server 14 files.


For resolving and avoiding this issue in the future, please perform license activation by steps from the article "Managing ABBYY FineReader Server Licenses Using the Command Line".

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