{EmptyValue} filename after export to XML or PDF


Exported filenames are shown as {empty value}.xml or {empty value}.pdf

This issue was reported on FC Build #



The "Recreate filename and structure of Hot Folder" option under Target in the Data Export section of the Export settings window is not naming the filename of any export


Change the setting of the Target with the steps below 


  1. From the window above select the Target dropdown and change the setting to Create Folder Structure and filename using a Template
  2. Click edit next to Template 
  3. Change the view from Advanced to Simple (if it asks "are you sure" click ok

This option can be set this option to whatever option is appropriate, either by the source name of the file in the batch, DD name or just specify a name.

  1. Select the Source filename option will name the exported file to whatever the name of the file you placed in the batch
  2. Selecting the Document Definition name option will name all exported documents the same as the DD for the project
  3. Selecting the Specific Filename option will use the filename specified with the option of allowing more granularity of the name using the Add document identifier and/or Add index field


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