Multiuser license types for FineReader (Windows)


What license types are available for multiuser usage?


Concurrent licenses

Concurrent licenses (distributed access licenses) are not assigned to any particular workstation. When FineReader PDF 15 is launched, it queries FineReader 15 License Server for concurrent licenses. If there are suitable concurrent licenses available, FineReader PDF 15 will "take" them (for details, see Priorities of Concurrent Licenses in the License Manager guide). When FineReader PDF 15 is closed on the workstation, the licenses are released. ABBYY FineReader 15 will query FineReader 15 License Server only if the given workstation was assigned to the server when installing FineReader PDF 15.

Note: If there are no free licenses on FineReader 15 License Server, a corresponding message will be displayed. 

Remote user licenses 

A remote user license is assigned to a specific user and can be used by that user on any workstation that has continuous access to FineReader 15 License Server. FineReader PDF 15 will connect to FineReader 15 License Server only if that user's workstation has been assigned to the server during the FineReader PDF 15 installation. For user authentication, a Windows account is used (the user name is entered in the following format: DOMAIN\UserName).

After FineReader PDF 15 has been installed on the workstations, the administrator must use FineReader 15 License Manager to activate licenses and create a user group that will have access to the licenses. Then, the administrator can reserve remote user licenses for particular users.

Note: To reserve a license for a different user, the administrator must cancel its current reservation in FineReader 15 License Manager (for details, see Providing Licenses to Workstations in the License Manager guide). 

Per-seat licenses

Per-seat licenses are assigned to workstations when they are activated. FineReader PDF 15 installed on a workstation with an assigned license will not query the server for licenses and will run even if there is no connection to the server.

Per-seat licenses are distributed when FineReader PDF 15 is installed. Distribution of per-seat licenses is determined by which pools and licenses are reserved for which workstations at the time of installation (for details, see Providing Licenses to Workstations in the License Manager guide). 

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