Timeline version 5.3

Timeline Core

  • ODBC Connector
  • Support new Blue Prism Capture 3.0 version in export
  • Option to build metric for count distinct for attribute 
  • Cloning of Process Mining projects
    • Adding functionality of cloning existing project with existing data to a new one to make some adjustments there. 


Timeline Task Mining

New Features:

  • Forms identification 
  • New Task View (Schema) UI 
    • Handling optional steps and events order
  • New Task Definition UI 
    • Handling concurrent, parallel, nested, overlapped tasks
  • New Form Editor UI 


  • Task ranking (complexity) improvements 
    • We will improve our complexity calculation to make it more valuable and clear for the user.
  • Zoom-In/Zoom-Out improvements 
    • Ability to mark  some steps or events in tasks as a step (record) in process (process mining project)
  • Resending commands from Recorder to RS on disconnection

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