TimeLine Real Time Data Upload


Does ABBYY Timeline support real-time data upload?


ABBYY TimeLine supports these methods of data upload:

Connecting to Salesforce as a Data Source

Connecting to ServiceNow as a Data Source

Connecting to DBMS using DBMS CLI Tool

Connecting to Alteryx as a Data Source

Connecting to ODBC data sources

Files can be uploaded to ABBYY Timeline automatically on a schedule or manually using any standard SFTP client that does not require read access to the destination folder. This includes command-line OpenSSH on Linux and Mac and WinSCP on Windows and Mac.

ABBYY Timeline will configure the SFTP destination and share the location and credentials with the client for the scheduled file push. The data upload from the SFTP server is then an automated process where the files are automatically picked up and processed into a project or one or more To-Do lists in ETL which will result in that data being loaded into a project.

More info about the SFTP automated data upload

Unfortunately, none of these methods are truly the Real Time Data Upload.

But ABBYY TimeLine also supports the RabbitMQ. Only with the use of this application TimeLine will be able to use the Real Time Data Upload.

More info about RabbitMQ

To set it up RabbitMQ must be owned. Then the ABBYY Support team should be contacted. After that, the instructions on how to set it up will be sent.



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    Subba Tanniru

    Is there any plan to support JMS/Kafka connector that can listen to a Topic ?

    Also is there any plan to support S3 Bucket in your future roadmap?


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