FlexiCapture for Invoices Receipts Document Definition cannot be imported into another project


The FCI Receipts project was created and the Document Definition needs to be used in another project. When the Receipts Document Definition is imported to another project it is not possible to save any changes to the Receipts document definition. 

Error: "A sharing violation occurred while accessing \\ABBYY\FineObjects\VirtualFiles$\xxxxxx.tmp". The document definition will not save.


This is a known issue specific to FlexiCapture


The issue was resolved in new versions of FlexiCapture 12. It was tested and works correctly in FlexiCapture Please update your FlexiCapture 12 installation to resolve this issue. You can download the latest version of FlexiCapture 12 using the following links:

If updating of FlexiCapture is not an option the following workaround exists:

  1. Disable the document definition of the project to which the Receipts document definition was imported.
  2. Make changes and publish the Receipts document definition.
  3. Re-enable the original document definition.



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