How to create an ABBYY Account in BCR for Android


How to create an ABBYY Account in BCR for Android to start synchronizing business cards between different devices?


To create an ABBYY Account in the application, please follow the steps below:

  1. Start BCR on your device.
  2. Tap the Settings mceclip0.png button at the top left corner of the screen.
  3. Select ABBYY Account > tap Sign up.
  4. Fill in the information in the corresponding fields to create an account. And tick the option I have read and agree to the Privacy policy and the Cookie policy.
  5. Tap the Create account button. 

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How do I synchronize my business cards in Business Card Reader application?

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    Özlem Emen

    Dear Evgeniya,

    After i responded to your mail with proper photos attached as you've asked, but still couldn't get any respond back?. Are you able to receive my mails?

    Also, every time i sent you a mail i am receiving a reply to my private mail account , how can we stop this?

    thank you, please see my mails sent in below through outlook email address...


    From: Ozlem Emen
    Sent: Friday, August 26, 2022 1:36 PM
    To: ABBYY Support Team <>
    Subject: RE: [ABBYY] Re: #509183 ABBYY Pending request: Failure during taking the photo of business cardmobile and will buy from that

    Hello Evgeniya,

    Thank you for your kind understanding of my issues.

    I will go with your points as below:

    1) 1. The described situation is non-standard. Unfortunately, I can`t reproduce the issue.
    It would be extremely helpful if you could share with us a screen video of the issue (from taking a photo of the card till the moment of the issue appearing).
    Kindly please find at the attachment 3 screenshots which are showing of my problems:

    1st one is the business card “VK” that i am trying to save it but pls see the data on the card.

    2nd one is the part of after i am taking picture, then clicking done and then waiting for completing and clicking next but i can’t because photo and data won’t matching

    3rd one is the recent situation because yesterday my trial session ended and i have only 1 right left.

    2) . Specify the version of the app: Run the app > > Choose Feedback > Please choose any messenger or email app > Scroll down and send us a screenshot of the information under the dashed line and send it to us: here you are:

    3) I am not receiving any messages just informing me that i have 1 right left because my 1 month free session has ended.

    Always using the same logging details, device etc..

    4) I haven’t bought anything yet, so, if i am wrong please advise me that only after i buy any product only then system will allow me to use salesforce?

    • İf i buy premium for  a year would it be let me to use unlimited as Enterprise, Unlimited и Performance Edition licenses ??? What are these licenses?
    • What is the difference of premium account from them?
    • Is the BCR premium account login details will orl automatically on salesforce account too?
    • İ guess for the rest of the details will be completed after i buy the product?
    • Can i ask you something , i downloaded your app on my mobile and will buy from that same phone too
    • But, is my boss can access to the BCR with my login details from his device (after loading app to his mobile) ???
    • Or every phone has to purchase individually BCR ,?  in our office we have to use 1 account from 2 different phones?

    Thank you very much once again

    Have a nice day

    Ozlem Emen
    Office Manager


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