Premium features across multiple mobile devices


Will the Premium subscription work across multiple devices?


The subscription to the Premium Account is connected to Apple ID (for iOS) / Google Account (for Android). The Premium can be used on several devices in case of being logged in to the same Apple ID / Google Account for which the purchase of the Premium was made. 

For iOS applications you can configure Family Sharing for several Apple IDs: How to use Family Sharing in iOS applications.

Additional information

The synchronization of business cards in Business Card Reader app does not require the Premium subscription and can be performed in the free version: How do I synchronize my business cards? 
The user will see the synchronized business cards in BCR but will not be able to add new cards and use the Premium features.



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  • Avatar

    S K, Puneeth Kumar

    I have logged in with the same account on both my devices. Even after payment I am not able to access premium features.

  • Avatar

    Victoria Dvornikova

    Hello Puneeth Kumar,

    Our Customer support agent has replied to your question in ticket #526438. 

  • Avatar

    Ken low

    I've 2 problems with the app.
    1. I've signed up Premium with android phone but i was not able to export contacts to Salesforce.
    2. Heard from my other colleagues they had no issues with iphones and more features for ios. So i tried to setup on my other iphone but it shows I'm not Premium account.

    Please help. Thanks.

  • Avatar

    Anil Yadav

    I have logged in with the same account on both my devices, but only device is active and showing premium account in another device , please help and resolve the issue on priority 


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