How to export files from the batch into separate JSON files?


How to export files from the batch into separate JSON files?


  1. Navigate to Document Definition > Export Settings menu item inside the document definition:mceclip1.png

  2. Add new or Edit existing export destinations:mceclip0.png

  3. Set up the export destination by choosing JSON Document data format (you may navigate to Options to set up custom field mapping).
  4. Select Create folder structure and filename using template as a data export target.
  5. Choose the export path.
  6. Set up the naming template by navigating to Edit and enabling Add document identifier to file name option:Setting above will allow files to be exported separately, optionally it is possible to set up the file name and use more complex naming by changing the view to advanced in Destination and File Naming Template.
  7. Save and publish the document definition.

Here is the result when files are put into processing:


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