How to update the Technology Core Version of a Skill in Vantage 2.2


A Blue Up Arrow is displayed next to a Skill in Vantage, hovering over the arrow indicates that the Technology Core Version has an update.  Updating the Core Version provides the latest updates to the Core Version for enhancements to Skills Technology and improves matching. 

How can I update the Technology Core Version of a Vantage Skill?  


Advanced Designer is needed to update the Technology Core Version.  Here is how to do it.

1.  Export the Skill from Vantage


2.  Close the Skill on the Vantage Website

3.  Open Advanced Designer and Import the Vantage Skill

4.  Open the Skill and notice next to the Settings Gear is a warning


5.  Click on the Gear and click the drop-down next to the Technology Core Version and Select the most updated version


6.  Click Save and notice the warning next to the Setting Gear disappears

7.  Publish the Skill and it will sync the update to the Vantage website (you may need to refresh the page)







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