FineReader Engine can't run test sample


Console output sample:

Access to /var/lib/ABBYY/SDK/12/FineReader Engine/../../.. was denied.


Due to insufficient privileges the user is not allowed to execute the Engine samples.


By default the samples are installed in the following folder: /opt/ABBYY/FREngine12/ 

To allow execution we will need to add permissions to corresponding folder. 

The ultimate way of doing so will be using the following command: 

chmod 777 -R /opt

Arguments used in this command, will allow all users to Read/Write/Execute /opt folder and all included folders and files recursively.

  • 777 - permission level grants ability to Read/Write/Execute for all Users, Groups, and Classes.
    Can be adjusted accordingly to better suit your needs. 
  • -R - states, for recursively, means that the permission level will also be applied to all include objects in subdirectories.
  • /opt - is a target file or folder to which the permission level will be applied. 

Also, you may find more information regarding command usage by typing in the terminal: 

man chmod 


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