None of the stations are available after the creation of the Database


  • We connected to PostgreSQL and created a Database. When trying to connect to any FlxiCapture 12 station received an error message None of the stations are available:
    You do not have permissions to access any of the stations.
    You can create a request to get these permissions from the administrator.
  • The "Principle" table is not updated after the Database creation screen in the Database. 
  • "issystemadministrator"  (boolean) was set to "false".


This situation regarding set-up permissions. It could be fixed by adding a permission role to your account manually. 


There are two ways how to resolve this issue:

  1. Using Administration and Monitoring Console;
  2. In Database.

If you are able to log into the Administration and Monitoring Console with any of the users, be it a default user or WinAuth login, to add the Administrator role to the needed users to which the access was not added initially:

Open Console > Settings > Users > Select the needed user > Select Administrator role:


The second solution:

Please log into your created Database using the program of choice. There should be two tables we need: 
"Principal" and "PrincipalPermission".

  1. Inside "Principal", find the user under which you are logging in and copy the PrincipalID field value. 
  2. Inside "PrincipalPermission", add a new record for the needed role. Set the IsAllowed=True. In this case, the Administrator has RoleID=10.

More information about user role types (possible user roles) you can find in this article.

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