Error message: The received data was damaged or License file ... is invalid during license activation


On an attempt to activate or update the FlexiCapture license, the error message appears:

  • for the via the Internet option:
    "The received data was damaged. Please try again or contact your system administrator" 
  • for the by e-mail option:
    "License file <...> is invalid" 



This issue might happen in case you are trying to activate the new license in the version before FlexiCapture 12 Release 3 Update 5.

Starting with FlexiCapture 12 Release 3 Update 5, ABBYY supports custom renewal dates in licensing. For this feature, new parameters Absolute year” and “Absolute monthwere added to the license. These parameters are not supported by the previous versions of the product.



The proper solution is to update the FlexiCapture to its newest version which can be downloaded from the official page: 

In the case, that updating the product is not suitable, you may create a support ticket to remove new parameters from the license.

To open a ticket, please visit the Web Form:

And fill out all of the required fields and submit them to create a new request.

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