What is the maximum document size to upload in Vantage Cloud?


Are there any document limitations to the documents size in Vantage Cloud?

What is the the document max size for upload to Vantage via API?

What is the maximum allowed number of pages in the document in Vantage?



Starting from Vantage version 2.2, there are certain recommended values for different types of Skills:

  • OCR Skill and OCR Activity in Process Skill - no more than 1000 pages per document.
  • Document Skill, Classification Skill - no more than 100 pages per document.

Regarding the file size to use in one transaction, for Vantage 2.2 the limitations for the documents upload are as follows:

  • The maximum number of files that can be added to a transaction is 1,000.
  • Each imported file should not exceed 100 Mb.

The file size limitations are relevant for all Skills and all Skill types.


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